District Directory


Name Title Ext. DID Email
Tim Page District Superintendent 1001* 476-6000 [email protected]
Kara Martin District Bookkeeper 1003* 476-6006 [email protected]
Karen Hoffman District Transportation Secretary 2030* 476-6016 [email protected]
Ann Henry Unit Office Secretary 1001* 476-8112 [email protected]
Brendon DeJaynes District Technology Administrator 2019* 476-6019 [email protected]
Lisa Doyle District Title I Coordinator 3006* 476-6034 [email protected]
Deb Rogers Elementary School Principal 3001* 476-6002 [email protected]
Marinda Behrends Elementary School Secretary 3010* 458-2224 [email protected]
Elementary School Teacher's Lounge Elementary School Teacher's Lounge 3021*    
Chantel Richards Elementary School Special Resources Coordinator 3002* 476-6011 [email protected]
Janet Horton Elementary School Aide 3004   [email protected]
Aubrey Fickas Pre-K Teacher and Early Childhood Coordinator 3026* 476-6026 [email protected]
Kelly Carlock Pre-K Teacher 3009   [email protected]
Maggie Allen Kindergarten Teacher 3011   [email protected]
Porscha Stone Kindergarten Teacher 3017   [email protected]
Aimee McCurry 3rd Grade 3028   [email protected]
Robin Pettit First Grade Teacher 3013   [email protected]
Lisa Arnold Second Grade Teacher 2004   [email protected]
Adrianne Marshall Second Grade Teacher 2009   [email protected]
Lydia Lindsey Third Grade Teacher 3005   [email protected]
Jenifer Hornbeek Fourth Grade Teacher 2037 476-6024 [email protected]
Ryan Whelan Elementary Physical Education Teacher 3012 476-6013 [email protected]
Diana Vaughn Elementary School Librarian 3019* 476-6015 [email protected]
Elizabeth Klauzer Elementary / Middle / High School Music Teacher 2008 476-6033 [email protected]
Robyn Lovekamp Middle School Math Teacher 2018 476-6042 [email protected]
Candi Shaver  Middle School / High School Principal and Homeless Liason 2001* 476-6001 cshaver@a-ccentral.us
Beth Cosner Middle School / High School Secretary 2007* 476-3312 [email protected]
Diane Hatcher Middle School / High School Librarian 2012* 476-8145 [email protected]
Colin Arthalony Middle School / High School Athletic Director 2005* 476-6005 [email protected]
Rachel Wilkerson Middle School / High School Head Cook 2039* 476-6029 [email protected]
MS/HS Teacher's Lounge Middle School / High School Teacher's Lounge 2038*    
Diane Sieving Fifth Grade Teacher     [email protected]
John Wimsett Fifth Grade Teacher 3016 476-6035 [email protected]
Lisa Arnold Middle School English Teacher 2032   [email protected]
Greg Lange Middle School Science Teacher 2017 476-6014 [email protected]
Jackie Kesselring Middle School Social Studies Teacher 2016 476-6020 [email protected]
Jennifer Grimaldi Middle School / High School Art Teacher 2006   [email protected]
Logan Clark Middle School / High School Agriculture Teacher 2033 476-6025 [email protected]
Mason Vincent Middle School / High School Agriculture Teacher     [email protected]
Ken Miner Middle School / High School Band Teacher 2036 476-6027 [email protected]
Stephanie Lindsey Middle School Business / High School Computer Applications Teacher 2002 476-6045 [email protected]
John Walter Middle School / High School Physical Education / Health Teacher / Computers 2031 476-6003 [email protected]
Jennifer Guillou Middle School / High School Special Resources Coordinator 2011 476-6023 [email protected]
  Middle School Special Services Coordinator      
Regan Hoesman High School Guidance Counselor 2003* 476-6004 [email protected]
Marcy Newbold High School English Teacher     [email protected]
Sheri Wingo High School English Teacher 2028 476-6021 [email protected]
Kristen Maher High School Math Teacher 2032   [email protected]
Kathie Privia High School Math Teacher 2026 476-6018 [email protected]
Amanda Parga High School Science Teacher 2024 476-6022 [email protected]
Heidi Scaggs High School Science Teacher 2025 476-6040 [email protected]
Ashland Extra Office Ashland Extra Office 2013*    
Chandlerville Extra Office Chandlerville Extra Office 3022*    
Chandlerville Conference Room Chandlerville Conference Room 3024*    
* Extensions with an asterisk indicate a physical phone