E-Rate RFP's

Request for Bids - Firewall

A-C Central CUSD 262 is accepting bid proposals from qualified vendors for an application layer firewall as the following describes below: All work pursuant to this contract shall be contingent upon approved E-Rate funding. A vendor must include their E-Rate SPIN number. Successful bidders will issue a bid that contains the following information:

● Price for the following ○ Quantity (1) FortiGate 101E firewall or equivalent model firewall*

○ Note all equipment must be new, no refurbished hardware.

● Price for configuration, and testing, and continued support or subscriptions.

 Please itemize each cost on the bid.

● Required licensing on a yearly basis.

● Vendor must identify any services or parts which are ineligible under the E-Rate rules.

○ Pricing for each ineligible component or service must be listed. *Equivalent Hardware must meet the following specifications:

● Threat protection throughput – 250 Mbps

● Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

● SSL inspection and decryption

● Application Layer Control with port blocking

● Must include 1-gig interfaces

● Anti-Malware Inspection, Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

● SSL-VPN, and IPsec VPN

● Firewall must support 600 devices while providing at least 4.4 Gbps of throughput with all services enabled.

All bidders must submit sealed bids to the following address by the end of the business day on March 8, 2019:

Brendon DeJaynes

601 West Buchanan St.

Ashland, IL 62612

All questions for the technical contact must be submitted to [email protected] by 4pm February 22, 2019.

Disqualifications: Vendors will be disqualified if -

● Vendor provides proposal after the deadline has been passed. The District reserves the right to the following conditions:

● Amend, modify, cancel this RFP or not award any contract;

● Modify or add to the requirements contained in this RFP at any time after the issuance of this RFP for compliance by all providers;

● Increase or decrease the quantities of equipment at the same price listed in the successful contract; or entirely omit an item or group of items to be purchased to reflect actual District needs at the time that orders are placed. Such additional quantities will be purchased at the price indicated on the contract. Such modifications are expressly anticipated and included within the scope of this RFP.

● Purchase the most cost-effective proposal(s) and not necessarily the lowest-priced proposal(s) in accordance with E-Rate rules where price of E-rate eligible services is the factor given the most points in the evaluation among all of the various factors considered in the evaluation.


The purchase of equipment will be contingent upon E-rate approval and a Notice to Proceed or Purchase Order by the District after E-rate approval has been received.

Equipment Substitution

If the model specified in the contract is discontinued by the manufacturer after the award of this contract, the only acceptable substitute will be the manufacturer’s standard replacement in a configuration that meets or exceeds the specifications and operating capabilities of the “as specified” unit. Further, the substituted equipment must be able to meet the FCC’s Service Substitution Criteria. The Proposer must agree to cooperate with the District to provide the information necessary to obtain SLD’s approval of a service substitution request.


Brendon DeJaynes

Technology Administrator

A-C Central C.U.S.D. #262

[email protected]