Red Ribbon Week Guest Speaker

Submitted by sgroll on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 13:53

On Thursday afternoon during Red Ribbon Week A-C Central High School students and staff listened to a guest speaker, Dalton Jones, himself a graduate of A-C Central.  In November of 2012 Dalton was involved in a two vehicle accident which resulted in the death of a Springfield woman.  Dalton served five years in the penitentiary for DUI and reckless homicide.  Dalton brought a clear message to the students about the extreme dangers of drinking and driving and the unintended consequences that impact many, many lives.   We appreciate Dalton coming to A-C Central to share his story and a messa

Elementary Parade on Tuesday

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Tuesday, October 31 is our party/parade day. The K-4th grades will have our parade at 1:00 in the gym. Parties will follow the parade.  NO weapons (swords, guns, lassos, pitchforks…) NO scary masks, no fake blood. NO soda, gum or siblings allowed at parties. Students may wear their costumes to school. They won’t be allowed to put make-up on once they arrive so either put it on them or save that for trick or treating that night. Teachers can’t leave their classrooms to put costumes on students.


Mix It Up At Lunch

Submitted by sgroll on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 10:32

The Middle and High School Students participated in Mix it Up at Lunch on Wednesday for Red Ribbon Week. Mix It Up at Lunch Day is an international campaign that encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. They are encouraged to sit with students that they normally would not sit with in the cafeteria and are given a list of conversation starters. All students participated and everyone had a great time!

For more pictures please visit the A-C Central Facebook Page.

Red Ribbon Week At A-C Central

Submitted by sgroll on Wed, 10/25/2017 - 12:24

This week has been Red Ribbon Week at A-C Central schools.  Red Ribbon Week is an annual event throughout the United States where we reinforce the message of "Say No To Drugs" and "Stand Up to Bullying".  Each day of Red Ribbon Week is a special dress up day for students and staff.

Monday at the Middle School and High School was Pajama Day emphasizing the message "Say Goodnight to Drugs"