40 Book Challenge

Submitted by sgroll on Wed, 11/29/2017 - 09:11
40 book

The Middle School English classes are participating in a 40 Book Challenge this year. Students are to read 40 books from various genres throughout the course of the school year. Students are doing a great job utilizing classroom, school and public libraries to help them reach the goal of 40 books in the year. Two students in the middle school have already read beyond 40 books and we are only halfway through the second quarter. Drew Stone has completed 53 books so far this year and isn’t slowing down. He says that he didn’t realize how much he really enjoyed reading and reading seems to now be a lot easier for him now. Ainsley Mahoney has read 48 books and is continuing to fly through the books. Ainsley says that she has enjoyed the challenge because she didn’t realize how many more books she could actually read until she was challenged to. The 40 Book Challenge has increased the interest in reading across the middle school this year and we have all read some really great books along the way!