Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by sgroll on Thu, 10/19/2017 - 08:38

Red Ribbon Week will be held at A-C Central on October 23-27.  During this annual event students will participate in a variety of activities encouraging them to "Say No To Drugs" and "Stand Up To Bullying".  Each day during Red Ribbon Week students have the opportunity to dress up in a manner that illustrates the message of Red Ribbon Week.

Dress Up Days at A-C Central High School and Middle School are as follows:

Monday: Pajama Day "Say Goodnight to Drugs"

Tuesday: Twin Tuesday "Two Cute for Alcohol"

Wednesday: Athletes vs. Mathletes "Teaming Up Against Bullying"

Thursday: Star Superhero Day "Saving People From Drugs"

Friday: Character/Dress Up Day "Scare Bullies Away"

Dress Up Days for A-C Central Elementary are as follows:

Monday: Red Day "Wear Red"

Tuesday: Sock Day "Sock It To Drugs"

Wednesday: Bright Colors and Sunglasses "My Future is Bright, No Drugs in Sight!"

Thursday: Pajama Day "Say Goodnight to Drugs"

Friday: Team Day "Team Up Against Drugs"