NWEA MAP Testing at A-C Central High School and Middle School

Submitted by sgroll on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 13:43

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017 students at A-C Central High School and Middle School will be taking the Winter Benchmark test for the NWEA MAP.  The MAP test is given three times per year.  We will be running a modified schedule on Wednesday to accommodate the testing.  As Seniors do not take the MAP test we have informed the Senior Class that they do not have to be in attendance until 10:09 AM on Wednesday. 

NWEA MAP Testing Schedule

Modified Schedule for Wednesday November 29, 2017

A-Day 3:11 Dismissal

High School                                                                      Middle School

8:15-10:05       Reading Test in A1 Classrooms               8:15-10:05      Reading Test in A1 Classrooms

10:05-10:09     Passing                                                        10:05-10:09    Passing

10:09-10:47     A1 Class                                                       10:09-10:47    A1 Class

10:47-10:51     Passing                                                          10:47-10:51    Passing

10:51-11:25     A2 Class                                                         10:51-11:25    A2 Class

11:25-11:29     Passing to Homeroom                                 11:25-11:29    Passing to Lunch

11:29-11:59     Homeroom                                                    11:29-11:59    Lunch

12:01-12:31     Lunch                                                              12:01-12:31    Homeroom

12:31-12:35     Passing to 3rd Block                                    12:31-12:35    Passing to 3rd Block

12:35-1:51       Math Test in A3 Classrooms                      12:35-1:51      Math Test in A3 Classrooms

1:51-2:30         A3 Class                                                           1:51-2:30        A3 Class

2:30-2:34         Passing                                                           2:30-2:34        Passing

2:34-3:11         A4 Class                                                           2:34-3:11        A4 Class