New Artwork Around A-C Central High School

Submitted by sgroll on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 09:07

During the course of the Spring Semester several of Mrs. Bandixen's Art students have been brightening up various areas of the school with works or art and murals. 

The last mural that was painted is in the art room.    It took a lot of hours to design it, draw it, and paint it. Mrs. Bandixen came up with the design and concept for the mural but various students made the vision a reality.  Cheyenne Kesselring created a logo for A-C Art Club, which turned out to be simple but perfect.  They decided to make that the middle of the Sun.  Cheyenne drew the sun on the wall and the Logo.  Jon Reed and Emma Stone painted the sun. Emma Stone has worked very hard on the art room mural.  She reproduced 2 pieces, Van Gogh's Stary Night on the left side of the sun and an abstract piece at the top of the sun. She also helped with several other areas of the mural.  Emma had her paintbrush in almost every section of the mural. Rileigh Rennecker painted the logo, with help from Emma Stone and Kaitlin Adkins. Rileigh also worked very hard on the lower right side where we reproduced a famous painting done by Turner. Kaitlin Adkins was a great help, she worked on the Pop Art section that makes up the far right side of the Mural with the face wearing sunglasses.  Jon Reed also helped paint that face.  Hannah Owens work on the lower section that shows Pointillism, it is a section of Sargent's Eifle Tower piece.  Cody Smith helped with several sections of the mural he would help us fill in colors where we needed it as well as run and get us supplies.   Elexis Bandixen and Mrs. Bandixen worked together on the Face that is crying gold tears on the upper right.  Mrs. Bandixen worked on the Monet Lilly Pad section, as well as doing a few small finishing touches and shading on the entire mural.