Residency Verification - 2017/18 School Year

Submitted by siteadmin on Thu, 04/06/2017 - 10:28

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The A-C Central School District is asking all parents to confirm their residency for the 2017-18 school year before August 1.  The need to periodically confirm residency is important in order to ensure the appropriate usage of taxpayer money for the school district.  Local tax money is intended specifically to educate those students who legally reside within our district boundaries. 

Verification of residency can be achieved by providing A-C Central with documentation using the following options:

  • Mail in copies of the required residency items (see list attached) to the Unit Office: A-C Central CUSD Box 260, Ashland, IL  62612  attn. Residency Verification
  • Drop off copies of the forms to the Unit Office in Ashland, or to either of the building offices in Chandlerville or Ashland.
  • Email copies of the residency items to the Unit Office at: [email protected]


Our documents will be reviewed and if further information is required, you will be contacted by the Unit Office.  You will not be contacted if all documents are received and approved.  Please note, residency must be verified before you may enroll your child at A-C Central Schools in the fall.

Documentation Accepted: (2 forms are required)

  • Most recent Property Tax Bill and proof of payment (cancelled check, Form 1098
  • Mortgage Papers
  • Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment (canceled check or receipt)
  • Letter of residence from Landlord in lieu of Lease
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Voter Registration
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Current Public Aid Card
  • Current Library Card


If you have questions, please call any of the school offices.  We appreciate your cooperation on this request as we begin preparing for the upcoming school year.  A digital version of this form can be found by clicking here.



Timothy M. Page